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RIDA – Required Initiatives for Daughter’s Access

Women outnumber men in Pakistan and are a big human resource but the current plight of the country shows that we are lagging way behind to empower the bigger part of our society. The gateway to a collective development and individual success is only through education and income generation. Keeping in view the prevailing scenario in 2012, RIDA was launched to empower the female segment of the community. The program was designed after the need assessment and gap analysis specified for females.
The aim of RIDA is to encourage candidates aspiring to improve their lives with the vision that economic stability helps women earn a place for themselves in their downtrodden families.
RIDA plans to continue to empower vulnerable females with the support of generous likeminded philanthropists.

RIDA by design focuses on the following aspects:
• Provide educational opportunities where there is no access to education
• Raise awareness about personality development, social issues, character building and life skills
• Provide income-generating skills to women/girls in need, enabling them to sustain their livelihood and support their families

Many testimonials from oppressed women/girls benefitting from RIDA have come forth. Initiatives taken so far include RIDA educational institutions, RIDA vocational skills centers and awareness raising campaigns.

“Since 2012 RIDA has benefited over 10,000 girls/women through its facilities and awareness raising campaigns.”


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