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BARKAT – Prosperity with dignity


1- TNW provides domestic cattle(Goats, Cows, Bulls) by signing an agreement with the poor and low-income families (FARMERS) based on specific set of term and conditions for different animals.
2- During the period FARMERS will take care of cattle (fodder/protection) while ORGANIZATION will provide services for animal’s health and raising awareness about social good.
3- After the agreed period animals will be sold and profit/loss will be divided among the FARMERS and ORGANIZATION according to the terms & conditions of an agreement signed.
4- The farming FAMILY will enjoy the PROFIT and hopefully its living condition will be improved while ORGANIZATION will target another poor family and use this basic resource and profit to uplift them.

• A scheme/instrument i.e.- ethical alternative to poverty alleviation.
• A special kind of partnership, TNW (Rabb-ul-Maal) provides the cattle to the FARMER (mudarib) as the investment.
• Both parties share profit and loss

BARKAT aims to:
• Enhance earning of poor livestock farmers by keeping their dignity intact- It is EMPOWERMENT
• Provide technical knowledge and create awareness to get maximum BENEFITS out of cattle
• Help PARTNERS, to educate their children, skills to their youth and women etc. SOCIAL SUPPORT
• Raise awareness about social issues and connecting them with resources. NETWORKING

Following facts prove” BARKAT” a suitable initiative:
1. Community adopts it as a noble profession and it is compatible with rural values
2. Women and Youth can actively be engaged and played supportive role the family
3. Self-sustainable model that creates chain of beneficiaries
4. Favorable to climate and soil conditions Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) conducted a research to study the impact of BARKAT program and reported;

“It can be concluded that the Barkat Project is a successful project in the field of poverty alleviation and income diversity. It could be an example for the government and nongovernmental organizations working in the sector of poverty alleviation and capacity building”.

“It is time to EXPAND and REPLICATE… As a step forward TNW aims to expand and facilitate other developmental actors (NGOs, Financial institutes, RSPNs) to replicate the BARKAT model in their respective target areas.”

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