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NGOs and philanthropists were working separately to help the needy as a result the GOODNESS remained invisible. Although there were individual stories of Social Good to share but hopelessness still prevailed. Thus, Mr. Zafar Iqbal the founder, when saw people getting connected by social media more than any other medium was motivated to connect and build a platform to bring everyone together for GREATER GOOD. There were those who could be of service to humanity; there were those who needed help, and then there were those who could donate. Some needed work and the others wanted work done, some needed training and others knew how to train. In this scenario, he took the initiative voluntarily by creating a social media group named as “THE NGO WORLD” in 2009 and abbreviated it as “TNW”. This initiative started to network social entities like NGOs, Foundations, Associations, Philanthropists, Service Providers, Professionals, Development Activists and Social Workers.

“The aim was to share and interconnect all relevant information about the social sector and enhance the collaborations, ultimately resulting in value based social good for the communities in need. It was to make good work evident and the impact of that work becomes a visible one on the lives of the destitute people”.

Vision and hard work behind TNW have made it an active e-forum of NGOs/ Development professionals/Researchers and students who provide them opportunities to learn from each other’s experiences, share success stories, discuss issues, share information and resources so that activities of GOODNESS may be enhanced. TNW has achieved great repute and popularity over time. Thousands of professionals have availed beneficial opportunities and earned a wealth of knowledge from this social media networking platform.


The millstone of The NGO World Foundation (TNW Foundation) was laid down on 20th August 2010 by getting it registered as a non-political, non-profitable, non-sectarian and nongovernmental organization.

“TNW Foundation was established to launch humanitarian, the community felt and demand-driven initiatives for the poorest of the poor and marginalized population of its target areas”.

With the slogan “Live for Others”, TNW is working in various sectors of social well-being including Education, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Poverty Alleviation, Disaster Management, Economic Empowerment, Peace & Harmony, Disaster Response, Orphan & Widows Support and Capacity Development Programs. There are different innovative sustainable programs which can be replicated as a role model in changing the lives of poor and disadvantaged segments of the society.

• TNW joins hands with government functionaries, local & international NGOs, UN and other key aid agencies besides drawing its strength from communities’ active involvement in the need driven development process through a participatory development approach & community-based interventions etc.
• TNW responds to human sufferings in emergency and disastrous situations as a first response unit with its available resources all over Pakistan regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, class, location, religion, color, cultural diversity and social background.
• TNW has the mandate to operate/manage and adopt any revenue generation activity, business, investment or projects to sponsor TNW Foundation core mission.
• TNW design and align all programs with Government policies & procedures and Global Development Goals by UN.

TNW Foundation believes that networking, sharing of knowledge, resources and information is a key to success as for addressing the global Profile: TNW Foundation always tries to join all such forums and networks which directly link to its mission and objectives.

1. To be the first response unit in time of disaster and assist the government departments, rescue & aid agencies in times of any crises, organize disaster management training when and where required.

2. To initiate development programs/projects to eliminate poverty and uplift the target communities. Bring prosperity by collaborating with the entrepreneurs, governmental, national/international organizations and philanthropists through natural resource management and capacity building.

3. To complement the government efforts of educating the nation by establishing educational (formal & Non-formal) facilities, providing required support to deserving talented students, mentoring for character building and transfer of life skills into the students.

4. To take need-based initiative for girls and women so that they should become contributing members of their families and ultimately play an effective role in nation building.

5. To join hands with the government departments and other organizations to raise awareness among the community about climate and assistance in environmental conservation.

6. To play role in promoting peace and harmony among different segments of society with belief that education and dialogue can contribute to the various dimensions of peacebuilding and by preparing all stakeholders for an imperative role.

7. To work for meaningful participation of persons with disabilities in every part of life by promoting inclusive development and ensure that all amazing persons have equal access to education, healthcare services, employment and social protection among others.

8. To conduct Social development activities and to provide assistance for ultra-poor and underprivileged segments of the society without any relevance or regard to politics, caste, creed, color, race, and religion.

9. To unlock the youth potential by providing them career counseling, enhancing their capacity, engaging them in the development process and prepare them as a responsible & dignified citizen.

10. To make the social good/impact visible by sharing useful information/knowledge, strengthening networking among social/development actors, connecting professionals & community groups and replicating success stories.

11. To do research work, build the capacity and facilitate other social/development organizations, professionals and community groups to formulate policies for organizational development resulting in better service towards community development.

12. To adapt itself and create awareness among other development organizations & stakeholders on global development agenda by government and UN.

TNW Foundation is governed by its Board of Directors (BoD) also called Executive Body. The Board is the key policy-making and governance body of the Foundation and works independently. It formulates and approves policies and organizational systems and evaluates the overall performance of TNW Foundation on a periodic basis. The BoD consists of seven members and is headed by its Chairman. The chairman of the Foundations also acts as The Executive. The Executive Director is responsible for the overall management of the organization. The Executive Director is supported by the program managers and the team of coordinators/managers of different sections/programs of the foundation and they jointly form a management structure of the Foundation.

THE NGO WORLD Foundation (TNW Foundation) is a registered body under “The Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Act XXI of 1860) of Government of Pakistan.

TNW Foundation maintains its books of accounts on double entry system in computerized software in an auditable form. Foundation has developed various financial policies, systems, and formats which help it in the effective management of all its funds and maintaining a complete transparency in receipts and payments at all levels. TNW Foundation gets its financial statements audited by the recognized chartered accountants firm having a regular satisfactory QCR rating from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) on the completion of projects or at the end of each financial year.

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