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PATH Pakistan Youth

Youth form the backbone of every nation. The role of youth is of utmost importance in today’s world. It has proved itself in field of politics, trade, economy, societal uplift and aesthetics. Young participation in every field determines the nation’s course of development and prosperity. Youth are gifted with the spontaneity to recognize problems and can solve them in ways far more effective and innovative than the previous generation. Youth energy and motivation acts as strong forces in social movements. As capable and powerful agents of change they can help other young people attain a higher level of Intellectual ability and bloom into qualified adults. Capable and progressive youth, filled with passionate and towering ambitions, are our biggest hope for a sound vision for our country.

Pakistan is very lucky in terms of youth population. After Yemen, Pakistan has the highest youth population rate which is approximately 58% of the total population. The Pakistani yard stick for young population is the age bracket of 15-29. This age bracket conforms to the commonwealth definition of youth. This beautiful land needs these youth to make this soil even more fertile.

At the platform of TNW, first batch of PATH internship program completed successfully PATH program team has successfully completed the first batch of the internship program. Internees from media, economics, development studies, IT, sociology, MBA, CA, and MBBS departments of different institutions participated in this three month internship program (Summer Camp). The internship program consisted of participating in INGOLAM training sessions, PATH lectures and coaching sessions along with completing practical assignments. On 26th August, the PATH team arranged a certificate distribution ceremony in which Program Director of INGOLAM awarded certificates to the successful internees and offered an inspiring speech in which he shared his wisdom from a three decade long career. The feedback of the interns is encouraging for PATH team to start new internship sessions in coming months.

PATH is another initiative of TNW Foundation envisioned by its founder in 2016. PATH is meant to deal with the issues specifically related to youth all over Pakistan. Targeting all between the age of 15-29 years, PATH resolves to make them into socially and economically capable, responsible citizen, and dignified ambassadors of Pakistan.

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