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Maintain Your Environment” briefly MY Environment (a core program of TNW Foundation)
The goal of MY Environment is not limited to; creating relationships with the government and other organizations, offering training and assistance in environmental/agricultural conservation to maximize the use of local resources, establishing environmental solutions, and managing projects implemented to address issues affecting the environment.
Pakistan is facing the profound environmental, social, and economic impacts of rapid population growth, development, and natural resource constraints. Having a strong NGO community with a clear mandate to engage civil society, businesses, and the public sector can help the homeland to tackle these issues more successfully. However, NGOs face many barriers in pursuing their missions, such as a lack of understanding about their role in civil society and public perception that the government alone is responsible for the well-being of its citizens and residents.
There is also an increasing interest within civil society in environmental issues. This interest is leading to a need for more independent research, communication, and grassroots outreach. TNW aims to play a very significant role in leading and promoting such initiatives. Moreover, we believe that the ability of TNW to provide an independent view is crucial to building trust in the issues/causes and help enact behavioral/cultural change in communities.
Facilitating independent and open dialogue with civil society on the environmental implications of growth and development is crucial. TNW in partnership with the Environment Agency — govt launches an awareness campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the Pakistan’s footprint and inspire society to tackle it by conserving taking measures. This will be complemented by the awareness events and workshops in coordination with government departments, businesses, schools, NGOs and the general public.
“My Environment” believes in sustainable living where more people live close to the nature and eco villages because this change is necessary in order to save our planet. By taking the best out of ancient communities and ingredients from our modern way of living we can transcend and be both happier and more productive and at the same time save the world from disaster and endless pollution.
Join us;
Your participation can power the program. “My Environment” has these values that we spread and fight to be taken more seriously.

  • ECO Living
  • Recycle everything
  • Living in harmony with nature

By ensuring your participation and donation to the “My Environment”, you are there for all our children and coming generations who face a collapsing world destroyed by greed and consumption. Join us and invest in building sustainable model of life for us and the future generations.

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