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Greater Good – Networking & Sharing

TNW was primarily established to connect all the like-minded platforms to strife together for a happier and brighter future. Since its inception, it has kept the invaluable chain of philanthropists across the globe intact, through innovative and effective initiatives like regular events, trainings, conferences and workshops. The idea of Greater Good stands to accomplish the following:

  • Enhance networking among social workers, development professionals and NGOs
  • Facilitate organizations and individuals to establish collaborations of social good
  • Share innovative ideas of social good
  • Discuss issues of third sector and suggest workable solution

TNW is aware that these objectives can get difficult to attain and a comprehensive approach would include supporting efforts like;

  1. Social media networking and information sharing
  2. Celebration of World NGO Day in Pakistan on 27th February every year
  3. Social Workers Encouragement, Recognition & Appreciation (SEWRA) awards
  4. Launch of Monthly Magazine “Greater Good” to cover achievements of NGO sector
  5. To conduct Greater Good talks and tourism
  6. Publishing NGOs directory



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